The problem


Many papers are rejected because of problems with language and grammar, spelling, reference formatting and checking, consistency of units, format of tables, etc. By distracting the reviewer or referee from the main thrust of the content, a paper may be rejected for publication. This type of problem is particularly important for non-native English speaking authors.

The solution

We take your manuscript before you submit it and ensure that it meets the required journal standards. We will desk-edit the manuscript – carrying out a standard grammar and spelling check – ensure that references match the journal’s required format – check for consistency of units and format of tables, etc. Our pre-submission editorial service can take care of this aspect of your paper and allows you – and the reviewing referees – to concentrate on the technical and scientific merits of your submission. It will also save you considerable amounts of valuable time in the final stages of preparing a paper for publication.

Project proposals and grant applications

Many proposals fail to properly specify the scientific question to be answered or have an experimental design which is inadequate for the purpose. A well-argued project proposal or grant application will ensure that you will develop a publishable study with the minimum of time, effort and cost.

We can provide a review service which will assess the quality of the proposal and make recommendations as to how it can be improved – both from point of view of the the style of presentation and the experimental design. We can also make recommendations as to which journal the completed work might best be submitted.


Please allow us to quote you for either of these services. Please note: From January 1st 2012, basic editing charges start from R$100/US$50/£50 per hour. Contact us here to find out more.