Our research activities fall into two main categories.

From work carried out in several different business contexts we have developed quantitative analysis tools that can be used to join together metadata generated during the editorial and production process, citation data (Web of Science, Scopus, Scimago) and related journal-specific statistics, and download data. From this integrated dataset we can produce graphic dashboards that can be use to guide the management process, e.g. “What are the common features of the articles generating most/least citation traffic to my journal?”


We also can develop substantial qualitative reports and briefing documents describing key trends relevant to you as a publisher, research funder or educator. These reports are typically used to guide strategic management decisions, such as the identification of business development opportunities stemming from healthcare IT investments by the US government.

The graphic to the right was part of a paper prototype developed for recording session activity in an intensive data rich environment.

More details about some of the recent projects we have undertaken can be found at:


Both of these links provide access to examples of this work.