I have only just come across eTBlast. Conceptually, it is a bit like NCBI’s Blast utility wich assesses sequence similarites between geens or proteins. Here, you simply in put a paragraph of text and eTBLAST will return the abstracts of articles which use the same spectrum of terms. It works a little like PubMed’sRelated Article feature, except here you can supply your own text, which could be from an unpublished article or a research proposal. New features in version 3.0 include “Find an Expert” – identifies authors that are the most published in the topic of your query – and “Find a Journal” – identifies journals that published on your topic the most.

In this day and age of increasingly specialized science, it can often be a non-trivial task to identify an appropriate journal to submit to. And editors are forever trying to identify appropriate referees – so eTBLAST seems to fill a worthwhile niche.